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America’s best teachers get

While U.S. educational policy emphasizes high-stakes testing and scripted lessons, the best teachers in the business are taking creative risks – often drawing from their own interests and hobbies – to help students learn, new research finds.

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College hosts inclusive excellence conference

The conference was created in an effort to bridge the gaps between theory and research in the academy as well as classroom policy and practice with teachers and administrators in today’s schools.

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Twitter can give power to the people

Twitter can easily teach people about social movements. The social networking site – which lets users read, send and group together 140-character messages known as tweets – can actually be a better source of information than traditional news sources and online search engines.

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We aim to provide students with an excellent education

Good opportunity to gain valuable experience

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special events

The one-day

and one-day exhibition on September 17th provides the perfect venue for easy, informal discussions and more!

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Virtual public event on important topics in our field. You can watch full online videos of our past events as well.

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How to find the
best practice

Staffing Ratios. Learn how we can help you analyze and compare your group's staffing ratios.

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