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Coding / Gaming + App Development

Many people learn programming languages best through building projects.

Elective will be adjusted according to grade level.
You will will build Pong, Snake, Connect Four, Tetris, and a simple multiplayer game. These are all popular games that are fun to play as well as code. This elective takes a project-based approach. If you learn best by doing, this is the elective for you. You will learn from experienced tutors at Young Scholars Tutorial. These experienced tutors will help you understand every line of code in the projects.

You don't need prior programming experience to learn from this elective. However, it is helpful if you are aware of some basic programming concepts since this elective skips the basic syntax instruction and jumps right into building projects.

Build games using the command line, turtle, and Pygame One of the games just uses the command line. Writing code for the command line is a great way to learn basic programming skills without having to worry about graphics.

Another game uses the turtle graphics module. This is a built-in module that is often used to teach beginning programming skills and can be used for simple games.

You will also learn to build games using Pygame. Pygame is a set of Python modules that is used to create all sorts of games, even advanced ones. It makes it easy to add graphics and sound to Python programs.
In the final section, you will learn how to code a scaleable multiplayer game with Python using sockets and networking. You will learn how to deploy your game so that people anywhere around the world can play against each other.

Through building a multiplayer game, you will learn about concepts such as developing clients and servers, sending encrypted data, and connecting multiple clients to a server.
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